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Grief is the connective tissue we all share.


Grief is the connective tissue we all share- whether it's the small losses or the big losses that take us to our knees- grief is always present. In my 25 years teaching at the college and university level combine with 30+years in private practice I have had the honor of being in the room when grieving people transcend the shell of their skin and begin the transformative process of grieving.

Everything I know about grief has come from my own lived experiences, engaging in global grief conversations and my most precious teachers: grieving people. 

My passion is in designing and delivering services customized to your organizations needs. Some people would call me an Edutainer ( but not to my face, as I can't stand that made up moniker). 
My offerings include, but are not limited to : 

Group Facilitation
Panel  Discussions
Community Presentations
National Webinars

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